Whirlpool Hot Tubs Santa Rosa CA

Whirlpool Hot Tubs Santa Rosa CA

Find What You are Looking For at A Hot Tub Place!

Enjoy viewing a variety of whirlpool hot tubs in Santa Rosa CA when you visit A Hot Tub Place, Inc. on Piner Road! We’re open every Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm, so there’s always a good time to come see us when you’re in the hot tub or hot spa market. Contacting us is easy. Simply fill out the contact form here on our website, call us at 1-800-924-7638, or visit us whenever we’re open. You can also reach us at the email ahottubplace@yahoo.com to discuss options for home hot tubs.

Already have an idea what you’re looking for? Great! We’ll help you narrow it down even further. Our prices are very reasonable, some of the best in the area, and we have display models of several of the industry’s top brands, including MAAX Spas, California Cooperage Hot Tubs, and Softub. Finding the right whirlpool hot tubs for your Santa Rosa home can be challenging, but we’re here to assist. Whether you’re looking for comfort or durability, energy efficiency or portability, we’ve got you covered.

One of our top recommendations for a lightweight, portable hot tub or hot spa is the Softub model, which comes in three sizes that can accommodate two, four, or six people. This jacuzzi weighs only 75 pounds when empty, can fit through a standard door, and can be easily installed by one person. It operates on 110 volts and offers all the comforts you’re looking for because it’s a full-featured hot tub, complete with targeted massage jets and HydroMat II heater. Set it up wherever you want, indoors or out, and move it anytime you like!

For durability that comes from a sophisticated steel design, take a look at our MAAX Spa models. They’re perfect for relaxation and hydrotherapy, featuring their own water purification technology, high-powered massage jets, a Sony sound system that lets you feel your favorite music through the water, and much more. These and several more whirlpool hot tubs are available to view at our Santa Rosa warehouse, no appointment necessary.

In addition to spas, we also offer grills, saunas, and more so you can create the outdoor space you’e always wanted. We also offer supplies and accessories of all kinds, including chemicals, test strips, bath salts, filters, and more. Accessories are available both in the hot tub store and online, and all chemical orders over $100 receive free shipping within the continental United States. Give us a call today to find that hot tub you’ve always wanted!