Is the spa you’re looking for energy efficient?
Is the spa really portable?
Is the spa soft to the touch and comfortable?

A Hot Tub Place can make the spa of your dreams a reality. Softub can fit through a standard door, plug into an existing 110V outlet, and be moved and set up by one person. Softub is the “go anywhere hot tub” constructed of durable lightweight foam insulation making Softub comfortable and energy efficient year round.

Benefits of a Softub

  • America’s favorite lightweight, full-featured, portable hot tub for over 20 years!
  • Designed to provide cushioned, barrier-free seating with room for one to six adults.
  • Targeted pulsating jets.
  • Weighs less than 75 pounds when empty.
  • Easy to Install – indoors or out.
  • Equipped with folding, lockable cover.
  • Truly energy efficient.
  • Patented advanced heating technology that heats without a heater.
  • HydroMate II (power pack) heater / pump unit heats water using only heat recovered from the pump motor.
  • Operates on 110 volts.

A Hot Tub Place Offers

  • Covers
  • Steps
  • Easy Lifts
  • Gazebos
  • Full Wood Surrounds
  • Energy Efficient, Indoor / Outdoor Hot Tubs that Cost Only Pennies a Day
  • Soft / Comfortable
  • 110V Outlet 15A