How To Make My Hot Tub More Energy Efficient

If you’re considering getting a hot tub or spa for your home, you might be concerned about finding an energy-efficient hot tub that will fit all of your other needs. Whether you want it purely to relax, to bond with your family, or to take care of everyday pain and stress, you’ll probably absolutely love having a spa right in your own backyard. Come to A Hot Tub Place today so we can help you find the right environmentally-conscious hot tub and accessories for you and your home!

Some other tips for having an energy-efficient spa or hot tub are to make sure you get a cover that will reflect the sun, and, when your hot tub isn’t in use, always check to see that the cover is on tightly – gaps between the cover and hot tub can lead to wasted heat and energy. Additionally, getting yourself a floating thermal blanket will help you preserve some of the heat that typically gets lost through evaporation (between the water’s surface and the very bottom of your hot tub cover).

Before you go shopping, make sure you do the necessary preparations and budgeting. It’s also important, for the sake of your hot tub and for your personal safety, that you consult with an electrician and don’t try to make any changes that are outside of your area of general household repair knowledge. Also check to see if there’s adequate drainage (draining and refilling your hot tub every few months is important to keep it running smoothly) and the right amount of ventilation.  Finally, you’ll also want to consider whether or not you want to purchase an ozonator before you get your new energy-efficient hot tub – these are a specialized water care feature that utilizes ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. They’re good for helping to keep your hot tub water clean (but they don’t replace the regular use of chemicals!)

If you have any questions or still aren’t sure where to begin searching for your energy-efficient spa, come see us at a Hot Tub Place for more information, or check out our website today!